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What is a Research?

Recently, I found a bunch of people is claiming a piece of writing as Research work; whether they even don’t know the difference between a Project and a Research! Therefore, today I am going to explain – “What is Research”?

Lets think about a simple example. Our research objective is to generate the number 4. We have two different methods to do it (we can have more methods):

Method 1: (2 + 2) = 4

Method 2: {(9-2+1-6) + (8+2-3-3-1-1)} = 4

You can use either of the methods to solve the problem. If you only use one method to generate 4, then it’s a project or something else; not a research!


Now think about another scenario. Again, our research objective is to generate the number 4. In addition, we want to understand which method is less time consuming. In simple words – which method is easier to calculate!

Our research hypothesis = Method 1 is easier than Method 2, in terms of time consumption (i.e. Method 1 < Method 2)!

Just try to prove it using (relevant) quantitative or qualitative or mixed techniques. Finally, you will get only one outcome from the following three combinations:

1.    Method 1 > Method 2, or

2.    Method 1 < Method 2, or

3.    Method 1 = Method 2

Whatever the final result you get it doesn’t matter; you have already conducted a (world-class) RESEARCH!

It means, a research must have 4 basic elements:

1.    Research Objective(s)

2.    Research Hypothesis

3.    Comparative characteristics

4.    Method(s) to justify the hypothesis

* Remember, publishing article(s) is not similar to conducting a proper research work!

** Don’t make things complicated, think in a simple way, enjoy your work and be original!


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